Why ‘as-a-service’ models will reign in a post-pandemic world


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Your brand is everything in a direct-to-consumer model and you need to build trust by investing in the customer experience and delivering value, often without immediate gain. It’s time to un-gate content and extend trials to relieve the pressure in your sale-cycle which is clearly now a buy-cycle with the consumer in control. Flexibility and agility are paramount for both you and your customer to scale an offering in terms of both demand and supply as each new business waxes or wanes. Clearly, XaaS will help scale the delivery of your product or service up and down, but the economic consumption needs to be flexible too. That means flexible pricing. Annual plans may need to revert back to monthly. Prices may need to depend on consumed metrics. In an ideal world, your pricing might even be pay-for-performance in some form, sharing the risk alongside your customer.


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