Victoria Beckham has reportedly given up on her YouTube channel because it was only making $30 a day

Victoria Beckham has given up on making YouTube videos because they don't make enough money, according to The Mail on Sunday.

The Mail reported Beckham was bringing in just £25 ($30) a day, and making five-figure losses on her videos as a result.

The channel, Victoria Beckham, has over 100,000 subscribers and posts videos that follow Beckham as she shows behind the scenes footage of fashion shows and gives makeup tips. Her most popular video has over 600,000 views, but numbers seem to have been inconsistent over the past few months.

Due to struggling with the financials, Beckham has decided to focus on other parts of her business instead, according to the Mail. For example, she reportedly had to let 60 staff go last year — a third of the total workforce.

"The YouTube channel has been impossible to monetize, and it was very time-consuming so the decision was that it would be pulled," a source told The Mail.

In August, Business Insider reported on how some YouTubers have lost thousands of dollars when their channels were mistakenly demonetized for months.

One experiment by channels Nerd City, Sealow, and Analyzed identified a long list of words that immediately got videos demonetized, including "gay" and "lesbian" but not "straight" or "heterosexual." Some words on the list seemed incredibly random like "countryside," "Indonesia," "Missouri," and "leisure."

YouTube has denied the existence of such a system, but has remained secretive about how its content management bots work.


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