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⭐️ TOP 6 TIPS for Exceptional Virtual Events

These tips will 'wow' and engage your audience!

1. Captivating Content. Know your audience and what moves them to engagement.

  • Why are we doing this event?

  • Who is it for?

  • What do we want to gain?

  • What do we want our audience to learn?

  • How will we measure success

2. Production Quality. Bump up the quality of your:

  • Lighting

  • Audio

  • Graphics

  • Video quality

  • Branded Backdrops

  • Hands-on Technical Direction (smooth production)

  • Video shorts (tributes, intros, examples, news, etc)

  • Presentations (PowerPoint/Keynote animation and sound)

Paying close attention to these factors will not only make a great first impression, but will keep attendees glued to the screen.

3. Live Polling - Keeps attendees engaged and involved. Also provides invaluable data on your audience participation and session engagements.

4. Push Notifications - Use push notifications to tell attendees there are five minutes until the start of the keynote so grab a cup of coffee and settle in, share interesting facts, and make attendees feel like they’re part of something bigger.

5. Live Q&A - Let attendees ask questions and provide answers during the session.

6. Breakout Rooms - Divide attendees into section rooms for more intimate Q&A with panelists and/or moderator and networking.


That's the Top 6, but we have a lot more free tips!

More to come in our next blog AND

you can also get a FREE phone consultation about YOUR next event.

Give yourself peace of mind and the competitive edge!

Discover how we can help YOU bring out your best, authentic self in your next video production!

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