SUPER BOWL Advertising...ON FIRE!!!!!

Super bowl LIV is rapidly approaching, and marketers are hustling to tie up loose ends on their high-priced creative before February’s matchup in Miami. The big game is historically an ad revenue juggernaut, raking in $382 million in nearly 50 minutes from in-game ads last year.

For 2020’s game, marketers snapped up the coveted 77 slots by Thanksgiving — some going for as much as $5.6 million per 30-second spot. It’s the earliest a Super Bowl has sold out since 2011, when the big game’s lineup filled the previous October. In 2019, CBS finished selling its inventory just hours before kickoff.

Can't wait to see what Budweiser, Pepsi, GoDaddy and others have in store for us this year!!!


ABOUT MICHAEL: With many years of experience and himself learning directly from the pros, Michael is the 'go-to' for retail companies going through these types of transitions. He has the connections (suppliers, supply chain, distribution, etc.) and the know-how!

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