7 TIPS to Keep Your Business Afloat

by Michael Keenan, Edge City Design

Some helpful tips to survive this Virus situation and keep your Small Business afloat...

Over the next week to ten days, we will likely have a better understanding of the severity of the crises. So, here’s what to do: 1. Communicate with your vendors. You have probably already been delivered a large portion of your spring ’20 On Order. Put a temporary hold on additional deliveries. 2. Communicate with the people you have accounting and banking relationships with. It is very important to be clear on your cash flow projections. 3. Do a deep clean of your store and tell your clients about the safety of visiting your locations. 4. Be prepared to deliver merchandise to your clients’ homes or offices—Service, Service, Service. 5. Keep a positive attitude and turn off the media. 6. Create a 7-day action plan. Add new vendors who offer better terms, guaranteed deliveries and better profit margins. Don't be afraid!! 7. Talk with your clients; be a bright light in their lives. If you need anymore help or ideas on how to restructure your business to be better going forward, contact us at Michael@EdgeCityDesign.com #retailsurvival #smallbusinessgrowth #shopsmall #shoplocal #bepositive #payitforward

— feeling optimistic.


ABOUT MICHAEL: With many years of experience and himself learning directly from the pros, Michael is the 'go-to' for retail companies going through these types of transitions. He has the connections (suppliers, supply chain, distribution, etc.) and the know-how!

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